Fictional Stories On A Real Land

How far do we need to walk in this life until we stop for a moment to ask ourselves what is it that we want? What are we complaining about? Have we become so blind that the only truth we get comes from the lies we pursue? Have we become so blind that we no longer see what we are looking at? We are the only reality on this mythical land but somehow we have become so deluded among the misguided minutes of our wall clocks, to become merely some fictional stories on a real land.

So let us stop in the middle of this road facing many different directions, each will lead to different chances and different regrets, each will lead to new thoughts within a new mind, let us stop and think for awhile about our mysterious existence in here, and the purpose of it all is to realize the mission which we had been created for, the days which we had been given to spend wisely and gratefully, our existence here is more than just a myth on an imaginary land, our existence is much greater than the fictional stories we seem to live by, our existence remains a mystery for us to discover, a battle that we need to fight, a grace that we were born to embrace.

I have been born in the middle of nowhere walking towards the unknown, tomorrow remains a secret to me and yesterday is just the ashes of a wasted life, but today is nothing but the reflection of yesterday and the hope of tomorrow, today is the grace that I was born to embrace, today is the battle that I am here to fight, and if I make it through the day till the dawn of a new story, I think I might immortalize the myth of my existence on this land, wisely enough to pass through this road, happily enough to enjoy the distance of my life.


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