What If There Is No If ?!

What if there is no IF?
Well I bet I wouldn’t be writing this post for sure, 😉 , I mean seriously what is it with our obsession with this word? Why do we need to punish ourselves with the what if and if only? Life would be a much better place without this (if), maybe then we would stop whining about the long gone past, maybe we would accept what we have and enjoy it instead of wondering about what is lost and missing, we are better of without this, life is full of graces and each of us owns a different kind of them, we might be having graces that others would die to get, we might be having a treasure in our hands but it is wasted with these ungrateful thoughts.
Let us open our eyes to the real world, where if exists only in dreams, where if couldn’t be more than just a heartache, where if is just an impendent to our happiness, let us open our eyes to reality no matter how rough it seems, let us accept the fact that cannot be changed, to realize that we can only be happy the minute we stop wondering about the missing parts of our lives, the minute we are courageous enough to love what we got and seize it to the fullest, at that moment I can say that we are truly happy, because what we got is the best we had, just think about this for awhile and what if I’m right?!   

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