Losing Your Job To Live Your Dream

I was once watching a movie and I heard a sentence that I will never forget all my life, a man said that “the saddest thing in life is the wasted talent” and sadly we are observing so many wasted talents these days, people are stuck in some boring jobs that they don’t even like, very talented people are being pushed to give up on their dreams and get stuck in something else, it takes a huge courage to leave everything behind to go chasing your dreams, so are you courageous enough?

Well, yesterday I was at The Change Blog and I read an article by Britteny Elrick (http://www.thechangeblog.com/losing-your-job-live-your-dream/)  which had truly inspired me, she had a stable banking job that she just got promoted in, a home that she owns and everything was just going fine, until suddenly she lost her job without any warnings, she was very astonished and she remained depressed in her room for nearly a month, but the time passed and the best thing that came our of her loss and depression was that she would have a lot of time now to renew her relationship with writing because that’s the thing that she really loved, she had always wanted to pursue writing but never found the courage or the time to do, and so she started applying for writing jobs and she supported herself by doing something she actually loves, and now she thanks god everyday for losing her job for it allowed her to pursue her dream and work for it.

So many people are taking directions in life they’ve never wanted to pursue, leaving their dreams behind them, the wasted talent is indeed the saddest thing in life, I know it’s not easy to give up on everything to live a dream but the truth is that sometimes it is really worth it.


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