Dreams Of A Sleepless Heart

I run and I run but my dreams will always keep hunting me down, I escape the days to hide beneath my misery, have I let you down? Have I slept and dreamed for too long? Have I taken so much that I’m no longer able to give? And I run carried away by the disheartened winds to a distance so far away from the burdened dreams, so far away from the unforgiven hopes.

But still I remember a passion that used to live in me, delightful dreams that would’ve been pleasant to see, and shining tomorrows that have missed the light of the dawn, still I walk in the streets at night wondering if tomorrow is yet to rise, still I lay my head on the pillow frightened enough not to sleep where all the nightmares, oh my dreams have I let you down or have you?

The night is long and sunshine is far away, and the isolation of thoughts is my only company within this silence, I need to sleep before the dawn breaks into the sky, I need to sleep tonight before the days burns up the ashes of my dreams, I need to sleep right now before I no longer will be able to sleep.

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