May She Remember

And as the sun sinks upon the pale horizon, the air was clouded with the darkness of the night, and the stars gazed into my eyes sympathetically knowing that she isn’t coming, and that the love that gathered us under the shadow of this tree had vanished within the oblivion of yesterdays, but may she … More May She Remember

The Broken Wings

Yesterday I had finished reading a short story for Jubran Khalil Jubran, one of my favorite writers of all time, I have always admired Khalil Jubran and his brilliant philosophy, his words have a special way of reaching to my heart, and reading for him always inspires me to write on my own, it’s not … More The Broken Wings

I’m As Mad As Hell And I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore

Here is a marvelous scene and speech from the great movie (Network), and I’m going to share it with you because it totally worth it, it has inspired me and moved me so many times, and I’m sure that reading this speech will inspire you somehow, and also you can find the video in the … More I’m As Mad As Hell And I’m Not Gonna Take This Anymore

Brutal Salvation

sip that blood .. fill thy melancholic heart bandage my deep wounds then dig me a grave may my life begin if I shall depart for the mortuary life had me enslaved and my conscious mind cursed his sanity scattered am I among those frosty dreams

Life Is Beautiful

There are times in life we reach for a certain state of mind to realize that all the meanings of our lives had vanished within our daily misfortunes, we seem to believe that we have reached the end and now is the time to stop, looking forward tomorrow with the hopeless eyes, lying in bed … More Life Is Beautiful