The Little Dreamer In Me

I don’t really understand how the human mind works, it confuses me actually, and I’m going to say this because it happened to me thousands of times, I get up one morning with the intention of a fresh start, a beginning of a new day is the beginning of the rest of my life, with all the positive energy in my thoughts I feel ready and ambitious to begin the journey of my dreams, believing that nothing in whatsoever is going to stop me, and bang with the first little obstacle I completely fall apart and once again .. Life sucks.

Well, I thought it was just me but it wasn’t, people are actually seeking for some motivation to stand again and go through that phase again, we always need something to motivate us to do the things we want to achieve, but seriously why do we have to go through that much of effort to seek for temporarily motivation when we can exploit this effort to do the things we actually want to do? If we’re motivated enough to do and get all that is needed to be motivated, aren’t we motivated enough to start working for our ambitions immediately?

So another fresh start is on the way with many desires and dreams, with a lot of positive energy that seems to fill out the whole journey, can I make it this time? can I go over my first little obstacle with the same positive state of mind? honestly I don’t think I will, but a little part in me believes that I can, it’s the little dreamer in me that woke up this morning to try again.

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