View From The Top

There is a page on Facebook called “Motivation Of The Day” that I always keep up with the updates there, the quotes and the inspirational speeches sometimes can uplift me and encourage me, but that is not it, I’m writing this post about something which MOD page put my attention to it long time ago

The admin asked everybody to describe their first day at school, and she said that there is a motivational purpose behind this question, and it was challenging for me to know what purpose could it be behind this simple question

Everybody was posting their comments describing how bad and terrifying their first day was, but not all of course, and then it came to me how they were laughing about it at that time, then the purpose became very clear to me, that question was to make us understand that we can get over almost every obstacle in life no matter how hard it seemed then, no matter how impossible we thought it could be, we will move on and we will look back at this hard times with smiles on our faces because after all it wasn’t that hard and it really doesn’t matter now

So I guess that life is like climbing a mountain, for as tough the climbing will be, once we reach to the top of the mountain and take a look down to everything we’ve been through to realize that this too had passed, and at that moment we feel the taste of success that paid for all the hard work

It’s good to look back at old memories every once in awhile to remind us of what once made us happy and what made us cry, it’s good to remember how strong we were to get over this and that, and once we reach to the top all the little rocks that hit us wouldn’t matter anymore, so let go of all the anger and hatred, don’t let them mess up your way for it really doesn’t worth it

2 thoughts on “View From The Top

  1. It is so very inspiring and beautiful. Now that I think about it, there are many a times in my life I have cried and thought nothing is going to be right again. But now I look back, I notice that everything has been right. That those were merely minutes of hopelessness and sorrow, that all obstacles have passed just the way they had come !! 🙂

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