Another Passing Misty Day

And when the night comes, I shall not fear the darkness, for the misty day had passed again and the diseased heart had survived for one more day, when the night comes I shall find comfort within the floating silence and I shall seek consolation in the delightful words of eternal night, until the pale down rests upon the sky and I shall be healed.
So let me shed a tear before the night fleets my sky, let me weep for the moon till it’s departed with the fears of morning, till a sunrise crosses the horizon with a color that knows the sorrow of my soul, and if the light caught me awake and brightened up my eyes, I shall be waiting for one more down to sleep.

The darkness of night is fading beneath the glorious yarns of down, and the shining moon is burdened enough to carry this soul away, forsaking me between the peaceful arms of silence, sleepy enough to close my eyes and miss the rising of another passing misty day.

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