What Might Have Been !

“The saddest thing a man will ever face is what might have been. But what of a man who’s faced with what was? Or what may never be? Or what can no longer?” I heard this sentence today and it moved me, but i guess it’s human nature that we will never stop wondering about that, how would it be if we handled it differently, what have we done to ourselves that we no longer are the persons we were meant to be, could it be fixed?

The phase of regret will shape our characters, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, that is for us to define, when we reach that place some of us stand up and decide to go through the right path no matter how tough it can be and it’s never easy, but sometimes we need to follow our hearts and make real steps towards the tough world, to rise above all our misfortunes, our mistakes and our sins, and become that one we thought we were.

But the problem is when that regret grows deep down our hearts to keep reminding us of all the times we failed and that we are no longer able to be the same, then we decide to give up and hide away, but all we really need is to be accepted again, someone to remind us that it’s not our fault, someone to believe that after all we will be ok.

2 thoughts on “What Might Have Been !

  1. nice…but many don’t realize it they love to live their lives as it happen to them bcoz they aim low and reach the target …. but some other who aim high and miss it they may fall in the phase of regret coz sometimes we trade our passion with glory then things /achievement could be delayed … at this point people tend to give up and may fall into depression thinking what it might have been if……..,however, they must realize they have lived a dignified life and still they may find the ways to fulfill their dreams ..
    @ Vaishnavi ” I personally support the idea that what happens happens for good and that we should never regret on our actions ” we shoudl regret on our action if it has been caused of others’ distress otherwise its fine.Second, our choices make things happen so if you support the idea ‘what happens happens for good’ then you are making good choices,right ???

  2. Yeah. What you said is true. Every man/woman always think ‘what might have been if….’ and regret. I personally support the idea that what happens happens for good and that we should never regret on our actions ……. 🙂

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