Just Click

I always hear people saying how they wish if life comes with a remote control with buttons like fast-forward, rewind, pause, mute, delete and so on, and I too think that it would be great to fast-forward some bad times, or rewind some sweet memories and live them again, or delete some parts of my life, one would think that it would be easier to live like that but when it comes to the end of your life and you look back to all you’ve been though and you realize that you have passed your life so quickly that you haven’t really lived.

The problem is that we never appreciate what we have, we don’t appreciate the tiny little moments that made us go through some overwhelming feelings, we don’t appreciate the people who loved us all the way, we take these things for granted not knowing that they are the rhythms of our lives.

Watching “Click” the movie made me realize how precious are these little moments, and that by the end of our lives these memories are the only thing that matters no matter how good or bad they were, because each phase we go through in our life defines a significant part of who we are, defines our dreams and our ambitions, they are the things that made us laugh and cry, they are the things that make us human beings.

And so I’m starting to believe that I must enjoy each phase of my life even those that knock me down, to sit and cry when it’s needed, to be patient while dreaming because that’s the best part in dreams, it’s not when they come true but the pleasure is when you’re working for the possibility of a dream come true, the pleasure is in lying in bed at night dreaming about it, I must cherish my family and my friends for they are the ones who share these moments with me and make the best out of them, I learned that I should get up every morning with the promise to seize all the day and make the best of what I have.

I don’t want life to come with a remote control and those magical buttons, sometimes I wish I can pass through things with just one click, one click could end it all, one click would take me faster into the future, but I don’t want that, I want to live it all, good and bad, laughters and tears, fun and pain, love and anger, happiness and heartaches, I want to live it all taking these moments with me, for these are the thing I don’t want to be missing in my life, and these are the things I should be grateful for.

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