A Morning Tale

Beneath the mystic sky of morning, two misguided spirits were enlightened into the same horizon, strangers in time were intoxicated within some mythical seconds, frightened glances of eyes drew the features in our faces before the rhythms of our passions float upon the silence, and words that I don’t seem to remember made the trembling heart of mine blossom.

“This morning is refreshing” he said “and it is needed for a hot smell of coffee to fulfill its splendor” we walked across the crowded street but it was only us that passed through the crowd, towards the fresh air of morning coffee we walked, with our tipsy steps carrying our hearts away, towards the fresh air of morning grace.

And as I sip my breaths from that cup, touching my face every second to wipe away the looks of his eyes, he lighted up a cigarette and looked away, leaving me beyond the chaotic silence of his words, lost within the smoke that’s whispering my clouded soul into the fresh air.

He took a look into his watch then pointed his eyes to my face and smiled, “it’s time to leave” he said, stood up and put on his coat, and for a little while he gazed into my eyes again with a comforting smile he whispered to my ears ” the splendor of this morning had fulfilled my day” and went away.


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