Nobody Cares !

Breathe my little boy, that ain’t much to weep for, open your eyes and take a look around, people are passing by your pain and that ain’t much little boy, look beyond the shadows and see beneath the veils, all is well .. all is good, people are passing by the wounds that are not theirs to weep for, and that ain’t much little boy for nobody cares.

Open your eyes into the dark side, where broken pieces that seemed to be fixed, where burdened tears that were thought to be shining sprinkles in their eyes, and that ain’t much as you don’t care too.

What have you seen little boy? and where were you when all is collapsed? didn’t you see peace at the other side? watch out little boy that ain’t much to see, yet it has never been visible to the innocent eyes of ours, for all we see is all we feed on to fulfill the hunger of our satisfaction, oh little boy how else will we be sleeping at night !

Wipe out the tears and shine, that ain’t much to weep for in this decomposed land, passers by is all we are, walk over the tears and rise above the pain, there is only you at the other side, they will pass by you and so will I, but that ain’t gonna be much for you my little boy I guarantee, for nobody cares and niether do you, and no one will ever do.


One thought on “Nobody Cares !

  1. All I can say is that leave me weeping, it is so true who really cares? I cared so much for other’s and at the end of the day when I needed TLC there was nobody. Not even my own to care for me. I would like to finish on a pleasent note. Not just somebody, He Cares For me, and He will do the same for anyone if you will turn to Him, HIS NAME IS JESUS. THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD AMEN.

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