By Tariq Jaser

They were just two nights

When the sun vanished in the sky

And no more warmth is in sight

Just the fading prophecy between her eyes

Shinning like a never ending star

Praying to the immortal oh he that never die

To guide her spirit through this sky

To lead her to the morningstar

For she has given him life

And without her no he cant fly up skies

A falling , lifeless and flaming star was my fate

But the prophecy revealed her to me

A beauty like no mortal have ever seen

Eyes filled with gold and her skin with hareer

Her tears giving life to the unholy screams

Releasing the captured souls of those who wept in fear

Eyes less cant even make the tear

But as rain fell , their eyes started to appear

Revealing more and more of that true prophecy

That made me fall back in fear

For I have sinned and no blessings can I see

A fool who thought he can betray death

And fly to where the angels weep

But as a prayer I can only speak

Hoping for mercy from the tree that tasted my steel

3 thoughts on “Prayer

      1. I really appreciate it thanks means alot to me 🙂 i ve got many many more :p

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