Climbing Up The Rabbit’s Fur

Reading “Sophie’s World” always manages to inspire me and feed my mind with extraordinary thoughts, and I keep on reviewing the pages to keep the faculty of wonder alive in me, to keep the astonishment of this world as if I was newly born, I don’t want to grow up where the world would become a habit, I want to seize the miracle we’re in.

Now I’m going to share with you an experiment of thought that I read in the book:

“One morning, Mom, Dad, and little Thomas, aged two or three, are having breakfast in the kitchen. After a while Mom gets up and goes over to the kitchen sink, and Dad—yes, Dad—flies up and floats around under the ceiling while Thomas sits watching. What do you think Thomas says? Perhaps he points up at his father and says: “Daddy’s flying!” Thomas will certainly be astonished, but then he very often is. Dad does so many strange things that this business of a little flight over the breakfast table makes no difference to him. Every day Dad shaves with a funny machine, sometimes he climbs onto the roof and turns the TV aerial—or else he sticks his head under the hood of the car and comes up black in the face.

Now it’s Mom’s turn. She hears what Thomas says and turns around abruptly. How do you think she reacts to the sight of Dad floating nonchalantly over the kitchen table? She drops the jam jar on the floor and screams with fright. She may even need medical attention once Dad has returned respectably to his chair.”

Why do you think Thomas and his mother react so differently? Because the mother learned that people cannot fly while Thomas still isn’t certain what we can and can’t do, the world has become a habit to us –adults- and that’s a shame, our existence on this planet will always remain a mystery and enigma that is beyond our knowledge, and each day we open our eyes to a new morning should be enough to amaze us.

Life is just like the magician trick where he pulls out a rabbit out of the hat, we know it’s a trick but don’t know how he did it, we are the rabbit in the magician’s hat but unlike us the rabbit does not realize that he is taking a part of the trick, we do, and in our case we know that the world is not a trick with a sleight of hand, it is reality and we are part of this reality.

So now I see that each day is a miracle, a tremendous gift that should not be wasted or taken for granted, for the second this world becomes a habit to me, I am just like everyone else that’s hiding beneath the rabbit’s fur, afraid to climb up and gaze into the eyes of the magician.

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