Define Your Character 2

Well, let me tell you about this game again, I’m going to ask you a question, and questions like these can define our characters and who we are, you need to post your answer as an article in the comments and the best comment will be published in tomorrow’s post, my topic for today is about love, sometimes we fall in love and end up with broken hearts, and sometimes it’s worth it to go through such experience, so will we be better of without falling in love or not, I wonder!

I hope you all participate tonight and bring out the best in you, speak for your opinion to define who you are.

My question is:

What is better, to fall in love and get hurt or not to fall in love at all? and why?

11 thoughts on “Define Your Character 2

  1. Its better to have loved because without it u would never know what it feels like to get butterflys when the phone rings and u see his number u would never know what its like to laugh so hard ur stomach hurts.and all the menories of the nights u stayed up talking all night long and even if u cant b with that person remember the memories u is the one thing in life thats free and nomatter what u heart will always have the beautiful memories.;)

  2. I would have to choose It is better to fall in Love 🙂 Even if you get hurt you still have that glorious feeling of being in Love, even heartache cannot touch that :)Why would you want to go through life without that feeling? it would be like plain pages of a book, nothing interesting, no bumps, no dips lol easy choice!

  3. I think it is better to fall in love and get hurt than not to fall in love at all.
    At least that way we experience the most beautiful feeling called “Love”….Getting hurt makes you more strong and humane…Both pain and love help you discover your real self….

  4. A Tale of Two Cities is one of my favorites, but I hated that it had to end that way. I’ve always thought it better to have experienced love even if you lose it. I don’t think I could keep myself for falling for the right person. The pain does make you want to shy away, but how can you stop love from happening?

  5. As one poet says, it is better to fall in love and lost than never to have loved at all.

    But then when you think of it, falling in love in love is not a matter of choice but a matter of course. It just come without you knowing it. It might start with a glance, or a brush of elbows while you were sharing an umbrella on a rainy day. Or it may develop during a constant encounter in school or in an office. However love starts it just come.

  6. I would say it is much better to have loved and lost rather to have not loved at all. It’s like learning to ride the bike. Everyone warns you that you might fall off and hurt yourself, but if you are scared of some bruises, you will never be able to ride a bike! It’s the same way. Why not love madly, spend every waking hour thinking of that person and just live happily for a few days and then hurt like hell? If you miss love, you miss life.

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