The Winner Posts

Last night I asked you what is better, to fall in love and get hurt or not to fall in love at all? and as I expected everyone thought that it’s better to fall in love and lose, because it’s an experience that everyone must go through and shouldn’t miss, no matter how much it might hurt at the end, so I picked 2 comments to share today, even though I loved all the comments.

And I also want to thank you all for your participation, I hope you enjoyed it so we can do this again.

1- I would have to choose It is better to fall in Love :) Even if you get hurt you still have that glorious feeling of being in Love, even heartache cannot touch that :) Why would you want to go through life without that feeling? it would be like plain pages of a book, nothing interesting, no bumps, no dips lol easy choice!

Dave Moore

2- I would say it is much better to have loved and lost rather to have not loved at all. It’s like learning to ride the bike. Everyone warns you that you might fall off and hurt yourself, but if you are scared of some bruises, you will never be able to ride a bike! It’s the same way. Why not love madly, spend every waking hour thinking of that person and just live happily for a few days and then hurt like hell? If you miss love, you miss life.

Raevarthy Krishna


One thought on “The Winner Posts

  1. I could not even imagane what it would be like to have never fallen in love. Even God is love and I could never, be without His Love. John 3v16.

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