Confessions Of A Broken Heart

Walk away old friend, I have not missed you yet, all is fine and the wound is yet to be healed, shattered pieces of a heart are beating again, so turn around and walk away, I hope all is fine with you too, and your nights are not so long, I hope you find peace within your heart, and your ache is not as painful as mine, but the days shall pass by us separately, old friend, so remember a day that once united us into one moment of time, one spot of eternity, into a fleeting memory.

Believe the lies my broken heart confessed and walk away, the burden is heavy and the nights still long, the shattered pieces of my heart still beat for you, but all if fine, so walk away and let the days pass by us separately, I won’t cry if I missed you my friend, and I won’t forget the love that once gathered our spirits, walk away and let me fade beneath my pain, beneath the yearning hopes for you, oh walk away and let me cry just tonight, and tomorrow all will be fine again.

4 thoughts on “Confessions Of A Broken Heart

  1. time heals…how you just wished that time will fly fast so the pain will subside…but then even with the passage of time, there will still be tinges of pain when you delve into your heart… especially if what you had made you truly happy and alive, if what you let go was someone worth keeping:(((((

  2. I can relate to a Broken Heart, and yet when I read this today, I can praise and thank God, for all He has done for me. Now I can read thins like a broken heart, and not feel that pain that had it’s grip on me any longer. Thank you.

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