My Sweet Wild Dream

Hold on my sweet wild dream, the night is dark before dawn, and the pain is aching before it’s healed, I know the heart is troubled and the load is heavy, I know my breaths are suffocating you and my hopes are misleading, but the aches you sigh in me uplift my hopes to believe in you again, to look up high and believe that you and I are walking to where we belong.

Oh sweet dream do you still belong to me? Or have days stolen your presence in me? For you are my prayers and the future is waiting, come along and pass by my days, your beauty is still shining so far beyond reality, my precious dream how sweet are you, lighting up my dark nights and wiping away my yearning tears, the rising of dawn resides in you, for no matter how long the ugly night seemed to be I still believe you are yet to rise.

So hold on for I will be waiting for you to come along, to rise above my clouded days, and lay upon my burdened soul, I still believe you are on the way to find me among the living dead of this world, one day on a crossroad of this harsh land you and I shall meet, I still believe.

3 thoughts on “My Sweet Wild Dream

  1. I really loved this Samar, it’s so full of hope. You have a real gift for writing Samar. You should aim to write a book and try to get it published. Babs x

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