How The Internet Saved My Day

By Leah Lingaolingao

sharing his experience with us.

I have been using the Internet as far as I can remember. Every day, I visit Youtube to check out videos from highlights of last night’s game or the funny viral videos that I laugh out loud. Social networking never ceases to amaze me because this is where I can express myself and share what’s happening in my life to my family and friends. Although, there has been a growing interest of finding what we want from the hottest jobs in town to the cheapest airline tickets, using the Internet to make specific searches can be complicated at times. Fortunately, there is an Australian search engine has helped me save time and money because one search is all it takes to find what I want.

I am talking about Odusee! Well the thing is that I was planning to go to Sydney a few weeks ago with a few friends of mine for a wonderful weekend vacation. It was my first time to visit the big city so I decided to prepare and know what to do when I get there. First of all, I searched the Internet for cheap airline tickets but I find it cheaper to go for a specialised search portal that allows me to compare rates from airline companies without having to visit their websites. Aside from that, I found out that I could search the best hotel accommodations and check out tour packages to the most amazing attractions Sydney has to offer.

Being a freelance writer, I have this constant need to look for freelance projects and other
opportunities to supplement my income and voracious appetite to write. The vertical search engine has a category where I can scour the web for the hottest freelance jobs without having to visit other websites. It is a big deal for me because I value time very much. I haven’t explored the other categories but I believe that this website is promising because it recently added new categories to meet the growing needs of a typical Aussie online user.

I’m currently considering the option of selling my vintage Holden Monaro. The beast had a big run but I am contemplating of shifting to a new model so if there are classic car enthusiasts, I would be happy to sell it. Good news, Odusee has their motoring search site where I can advertise my car to revheads and vehicle dealers. House hunters may have a good use for this website because of its extensive listing of real estate properties for sale or for rent.

Businessmen and entrepreneurs may find a good value for this website because of its Internet marketing potential. Search engines usually offer hit-or-miss scenarios but if there is a website that proudly says that one search is all it takes to find what you want then you definitely go for it!

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