I Will Survive

I always believed that we were brought into this world for a mission that we don’t recognize, the minute we are born they threw us facing all kinds of winds that life seems to give, is it possible that our mission here is to see how much can we survive? Will we walk out the … More I Will Survive


Prayer By Tariq Jaser They were just two nights When the sun vanished in the sky And no more warmth is in sight Just the fading prophecy between her eyes

Nobody Cares !

Breathe my little boy, that ain’t much to weep for, open your eyes and take a look around, people are passing by your pain and that ain’t much little boy, look beyond the shadows and see beneath the veils, all is well .. all is good, people are passing by the wounds that are not … More Nobody Cares !


Well, someone I know gave me this Arabic thought that she wrote, and I Loved it so much that I felt I must share it with you in both arabic and english version, I hope you enjoy it. I really don’t understand the secret of that arrogant confidence in your eyes assuming that you know … More Dreamer

A Morning Tale

Beneath the mystic sky of morning, two misguided spirits were enlightened into the same horizon, strangers in time were intoxicated within some mythical seconds, frightened glances of eyes drew the features in our faces before the rhythms of our passions float upon the silence, and words that I don’t seem to remember made the trembling … More A Morning Tale