Field Of Innocence

We always seem to have our best of moments in the time of childhood, and things always seem to be better back then, were we really happy at that time? or is it that we just see happiness in the past because it no longer exists? I wonder why everything used to taste differently, were … More Field Of Innocence

Christmas Tree

Along with the fallen snow of December I shall be flourished, sprinkles of joy shall grow upon the enlightened leaves of mine, passing through the cold breezes of Christmas many glimpses of old memories, a wild laughter of a child mingling on with the wrapped up gifts beneath my shade, carrying on a love that … More Christmas Tree

The Irony Of Fate

I read this story few days ago on one of the Facebook pages, I loved it and wanted to share it with you. Death came to a guy and said: “My friend today is your day” Guy:”But i’m not ready!”.

Live The Moment

Why is it always too late to appreciate what we have? Have we become so blind that we don’t see a thing until it is gone? what a waste if you ask me, I mean we actually spend our lives wailing for what is missing until we lose what we had, and here you go, … More Live The Moment


I opened my eyes along with the rising of dawn, awakened by the sweet smell of daffodils passing through the morning chill, and so I sighed deeply through the smothered breaths of my soul, upon the mystic sky of morning I gazed through the eyes of a stranger, the same stranger that carried away my … More Strangers

Let Me Fall

Here it comes again, the dark moment as I like to call it, I just can’t tell how long is it going to stay this time, or how much of damage will it get me before it passes again, I guess you have been there too, and I guess you thought it will never pass … More Let Me Fall