Tunes Of Yesterday

How far that joy seems to be and how close are the echoes, above the yearning souls of yesterday they shout, echoes of hope to carry out the whispers we scream, and burn the wounds they were thought to heal, above the yearning souls of yesterday we shout, are we getting closer? Or did the echoes push us further away? Into the joyful tunes of yesterday we march, are we ever going to be there?

Did the sun come out so early this morning? Have we missed the light? Oh how loud are the echoes among the silent aches, and how clear are the shadows beneath the morning shade, dreams of yesterday shout within our yearning souls, longing for a laugh that’s gone, for a burdened tear a friend had wiped, for a pleasant day that now is merely a fading memory, oh the memories, I can still hear their echoes, and I can still play along the tunes of yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Tunes Of Yesterday

  1. Thanks for Writing So beautiful words which I cannot Thank by words really Appreciable Thanks Samar Saleh Keep it UP 🙂

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