The Secret Of Love

I always find myself inspired by reading the marvelous poems of Nizar Qabbani, one of the most famous Arab poets; they used to call him the woman’s poet, “little affairs” is a poem of his that I keep on reading, he talks about how the little things in love are what counts the most, in the simplest words he said it the deepest, little things that we pass by without noticing how special it would be to someone else.

I guess that is the secret of love, when a phone call can bring you the most wonderful pleasure, when a short visit can brighten up your day, that’s the beauty of love, the simplicity in it, you can tell if a person is madly in love immediately by the smile they drew in their faces trying to hide what it really means, or the look that shines in their eyes trying not to tell.

The true happiness resides in one moment of love, changes us into better persons, fills up our hearts with an overwhelming feeling that no one could have described before, and I once asked you here: “what is better to fall in love and get hurt or not to fall in love at all?” and everyone said that it’s better to fall in love and get hurt, because it is something you don’t want to miss in your life, with it’s pleasure and it’s pain, love is what makes life taste so damn good, the delicate touch of hands, the first words, a gentle kiss, and sometimes it’s just a look in the eyes that will make you up all night living a dream, so I guess no one can tell what is the secret of love until he finds himself falling madly in it.


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