The Key To Happiness

From the beginning of time people were searching for answers to the mysteries of this life, so many philosophical questions that still no one is able to come out with a definite answer, one of the mysteries that Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle desired to discover was how the mankind should best live and die, in other words finding out what is the true happiness and how it could be achieved.

But then came the Cynics (as they called them) and said that true happiness is not found in external advantages such as material luxury, political power, or good health. True happiness lies in not being dependent on such random and fleeting things. And because happiness does not consist in benefits of this kind, it is within everyone’s reach. Moreover, having once been attained, it can never be lost.

Diogenes was the best known of the Cynics, and I will tell you a story about him that you will never forget, this man used to live in a barrel, he owned nothing but a cloak, a stick, and a bread bag, One day while he was sitting beside his barrel enjoying the sun, he was visited by Alexander the Great. The emperor stood before him and asked if there was anything he could do for him. Was there anything he desired? Diogenes said: “yes, stand to one side. You’re blocking the sun”.

That’s how Diogenes showed that he was no less happy and rich than the great man standing before him, because he believed that people don’t need to be concerned about their health, even fear and death should not disturb them, and that’s why no one could steal his happiness from him.

So maybe while we go along this life searching for the happiness we are dreaming of, I tell you that it has been within your reach all the time, but we are deluded to believe that happiness will always exist in something else, and that’s how we end up wasting our lives chasing an illusion, if you really think about it you’ll see that you don’t need all these things to be a happy person, the poorest man could be the happiest one of us, so stop worrying about the future, stop your concern for other people’s woes, just live the life you still have as you know that one day it will be taken from you, but until that day, never forget that no one holds the key to your happiness but you, and it can’t be stolen from you as long as you believe in it.

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