First Step On The Road

I came across this thought through one of the episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” they mentioned how the healing process always starts with pain, when someone is ill, he needs a surgery, it takes a deep wound to be healed, and that’s how it goes, the first step is always the hardest, in each obstacle you may face, it takes courage to make the first step, and then it gets easier as you walk further, all you have to do is to set up your mind on it and walk ahead, there is a quote for Paulo Coelho that says: “if you really desire to achieve something .. the whole world conspires in helping you to achieve it”

I know it could be very difficult at times to make that first step, but nothing that is worth having comes easy, and no comfort shall come with no pain, you need to get hurt at first before you get what you want.

Patience is a bless, and only with patience we can reach for what we aspire, the healing process might take a long time, but as long as we are patient we will get there, and I have learned that everything could be achieved with time, and just the possibility of a time comes when this dream could be yours, makes it worth the ride, so be patient and step ahead, someday you will get there, nobody said that it would be easy but I assure you that it’s totally worth it.

4 thoughts on “First Step On The Road

  1. I was honored to get a call from my friend immediately he found out the important suggestions shared on your site. Looking at your blog publication is a real amazing experience. Thanks again for taking into consideration readers just like me, and I wish you the best of achievements like a professional domain.

  2. It is amazing, today I decided I have had enough of medication. So I decided to leave it all, from tomorrow I trust that God will carry me through. I have tried many times before and had such a bad relaps. Some how it seems different this time, I have a calmness like never before. In our clinic they seem to change the Psychiatrist every six months. And I have had enough of being a gunipig. I trust now God will carry me through, either way, I am ready to meet my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It would help me knowing, that my family in Christ, would lift my name in Prayer. But even if no one prays, one thing I know for sure without a doubt. Jesus Never stops making intercedes for me none stop.

    1. Hi Virginia!
      I applaud your strength and will stand with you in asking our Lord to be with you day and night and give you strength in mind, body and soul. Our God is a good and loving Father who I believe cares about every tiny thing and every huge thing that we care about, and I am believing with you! Much love sister!!!

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