Let Me Fall

Here it comes again, the dark moment as I like to call it, I just can’t tell how long is it going to stay this time, or how much of damage will it get me before it passes again, I guess you have been there too, and I guess you thought it will never pass but it did, I fell in those dark moments many times and I have hit the ground too, for in such moments all we need is to be left to fall.

Sometimes when someone needs to fall, the best thing to do for him is to simply let him fall, let him hit the ground so he could bounce up and rise again, but at other times, someone might need to fall just to see if anyone cares enough to follow him and stand by his side, just to see if anyone cares enough to pull him up, and only in the times we fall, we will know who cares and who matters, as we are falling down we realize what our friends are made of.

These dark moments will come many times, and each time we deal with them differently, our attitude defines those moments, the way we react, we can make things better or worse, sometimes we fell and stay down there to look up disappointed enough that we can’t rise up again, and sometimes as we reach the bottom we leave all our misfortunes and disappointments down there to rise up with a clear head.

They say that it’s not important how many times you fall, but what counts is how many times you stand up again, the harsh roads of life might trip us down and it’s ok to fall, it’s ok to find yourself having a dark moment, for hope will sneak up on you once again and whisper into your heart that tomorrow things will be alright, carry this hope and hold it tight to your heart, did you feel it?

Now believe in it

3 thoughts on “Let Me Fall

  1. When one falls, he usually can’t gather the same courage to stand back again until and unless he gets some support… which is itself very difficult to get!- I know it’s a passive thought but a real bitter truth of life is that “it’s not easy to get up after felling down because the truth is he fells when there is no one to hold him”

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