I opened my eyes along with the rising of dawn, awakened by the sweet smell of daffodils passing through the morning chill, and so I sighed deeply through the smothered breaths of my soul, upon the mystic sky of morning I gazed through the eyes of a stranger, the same stranger that carried away my heart along the way, trapped still I in the eyes of that stranger, or a stranger is still trapped in the lonesome heart of mine.

Through the hopeful eyes of yours I gaze into a land that is getting used to the weary steps of the strangers, passers by the days, minute by minute we are wasted through the reckless time, running away from us only to be chased, time may lead but never follows, and through the eyes of strangers we behold the escape of time, forsaking our spirits beneath a blue sky that shines to embrace the hearts of strangers.


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