Live The Moment

Why is it always too late to appreciate what we have? Have we become so blind that we don’t see a thing until it is gone? what a waste if you ask me, I mean we actually spend our lives wailing for what is missing until we lose what we had, and here you go, other things to wail for, and the fact that we all do the same saddens me, we’ve becomes so greedy that no matter how much we get, we’re still hungry for more.

The thing is that we never know the time when life will get tough, any minute we could lose it all, life will stab you where you never expected, hits you so hard till it hurts enough to look back with tears in the eyes, what just happened and where did I go wrong? You’ll wonder, but I tell you that your only mistake was that you haven’t enjoyed the good days, for you thought they will last.

Well, nothing lasts, neither good days nor bad days; there are always ups and downs, and the blessings you once had might fade away any minute, so seize them all, don’t ever miss a moment of joy, don’t be the person who looks back with regret.

Life is passing by us so quickly these days, and we let it pass by to walk away, hold on to it with all you have, there is no next time, there is no tomorrow, there is this moment, right now right here, live you life and enjoy it, you never know when it will get tough.

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