Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Days are passing again and my wounded heart seems to be healing, sometimes I sleep at night and there were moments I forgot to think of you, I think my heart is healing and the sweet memory is fading a little, I can gaze into life horizons and see the hidden beauty laying in there, but never knew how bitter could that be, to look beyond the days and see how clear is tomorrow, tasteless success I have reached, dragged myself into this disturbing peace.

Oh how painful it is to be healed, how painful it is to sleep at night and not think of you, my beloved, have the days healed you yet? Do you smile when you hear our song as you’re walking down the street? Do you see the lovers dancing on the rhythms of our memories? Singing our sweet stories, holding hands the way we used to do, but maybe our tomorrows would bump into each other, and I accidentally steal a day out of my life, we would look at each others and smile, seeing the memories that once gathered our days and ached our hearts.

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