Christmas Tree

Along with the fallen snow of December I shall be flourished, sprinkles of joy shall grow upon the enlightened leaves of mine, passing through the cold breezes of Christmas many glimpses of old memories, a wild laughter of a child mingling on with the wrapped up gifts beneath my shade, carrying on a love that once gathered a family but fleetingly passed in front of my sight, along with the fallen snow I shall carry on the grace of December and spread the joy into the sorrowful souls that yearned for the warmth of my shade.

And if the cold air of Christmas touched me again, I shall fill up the night with peace and love, rhymed with the tunes of jingle bells, O holy night let me embrace the snow drops of December and allow to pass it through into home, and might I hear the wild laughters again, might I hear the longing words on a Christmas eve, and if my joy filled up their spirits they shall carry me away and gaze into the empty corner with joyous tears, along with the glorious air of December I shall depart, holding on to new memories of my beloveds, yearning am I for the warmth of their gatherings beneath my shade, but yet I wonder if I might hear their voices again.

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