The Secret Of Love

I always find myself inspired by reading the marvelous poems of Nizar Qabbani, one of the most famous Arab poets; they used to call him the woman’s poet, “little affairs” is a poem of his that I keep on reading, he talks about how the little things in love are what counts the most, in … More The Secret Of Love

Tunes Of Yesterday

How far that joy seems to be and how close are the echoes, above the yearning souls of yesterday they shout, echoes of hope to carry out the whispers we scream, and burn the wounds they were thought to heal, above the yearning souls of yesterday we shout, are we getting closer? Or did the … More Tunes Of Yesterday

I Will Let You Go

“Time to let go”, how easily can people say this when they know deep inside how hard it would be, letting go is never easy, whether if it’s letting go a certain way of living, letting go of a past, letting go of a dream you always had, or letting go of someone you care … More I Will Let You Go