Out Of Darkness

Even though we are always caught up with our daily lives we can’t help but to stop for a moment to wonder, to look at the bigger picture and try to understand, is this real? Are we actually living in this miraculous place or is it just a dream? And though it could be annoying … More Out Of Darkness

Let Me Be

I can see clearly through the starry night, where aches are clouding before my soul, and I can tell that a morning it far to come, to shine on the diseased hope, for sunshine is behind the wall, and shadows are weeping in the dark, and I, among the shadows, am seeking for lights to … More Let Me Be

Sleepless In Amman

And as I gaze into the darkness of the young night, my sleepy eyes were awakened to behold the glorious scene of a full moon floating upon the gloomy sky, burdened sky of clouds praying for rains to release the burdens into the thirsty streets, my sleepy eyes are open, tickled by the wet breezes … More Sleepless In Amman

Stories To Tell

There are moments in life that will never leave your memory no matter what, words that will never be forgotten, conversations that will never vanish from your imagination, times that will always stick to you even though they are no longer exist, and these times are always in your mind for they remind you of … More Stories To Tell

Goodbye 2011

Yesterday we have witnessed the departure of a year and welcomed a new one with different kinds of celebrations, some had parties, some spent that time with family, some stayed alone, but all of them had secretly enlightened the sleepy hope inside, praying for this year to be their year, some looked back and felt … More Goodbye 2011