Goodbye 2011

Yesterday we have witnessed the departure of a year and welcomed a new one with different kinds of celebrations, some had parties, some spent that time with family, some stayed alone, but all of them had secretly enlightened the sleepy hope inside, praying for this year to be their year, some looked back and felt happy and relieved that their tough year had finally came to an end, some felt sad to remember the things that had to leave along with the departure of 2011, some was wondering what might the new year carry for them, and others were just making jokes about it.

Here’s the ironic thing about these times, while some are looking back at the leaving past, others focus their mind to what is coming ahead, and the thing is that it’s exhausting for both, what’s gone has gone, with its good and bad it made you reach here the way you are, each year gives us more experiences, makes us stronger or weaker, lifts us up or brings us down, and that is for us to define, but it has gone and in our turn we must let it go.

And what’s ahead is yet to come, and worrying about it won’t really make any difference except it messes up your head, so stop and wait for the days to tell your hidden future, and as for the journey your about to make this year, make it count, make it a year to remember, make it something you’ll look back to with no regrets and grief.

So goodbye 2011, you have taught us a lot and now we’re ready to welcome a new year with many hopes and gratitude for another chance.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011

  1. beautiful, I hope I hope inShaa ALLAH this year would be the best year of my life and your Life (Samar Saleh) InShaa ALLAH Ameeen 🙂 When there is no Hope there is No Life

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