Stories To Tell

There are moments in life that will never leave your memory no matter what, words that will never be forgotten, conversations that will never vanish from your imagination, times that will always stick to you even though they are no longer exist, and these times are always in your mind for they remind you of what you are yearning for, whether you yearn for a person, or just an old phase in you life, these times can make you believe that you had lived a happy past.

Old days always make the best of stories, just sit with your parents or grandparents, and let them tell you their stories, stories they have told so many times but can still amaze you, I love those kind of times, when all family members gather on a cold winter day, when it’s raining outside, and you can just sit and hear them talking, each have a story to tell, and behind each story there is a memory, some are pleasant while some are sad, but they both must be told for we yearn for the good and even the bad in our past days.

The sweet thing about these stories is that you never get tired of telling, we tell a story for the thousandth time and it can still make us smile, and there are some special stories that each time you tell can bring tears to your eyes, for it’s true when they said that there will come a time when you’ll have a good laugh on your bad memories, but the harsh part is that we never thought that there might come a time when we’ll cry over our best of memories.

4 thoughts on “Stories To Tell

  1. your words are always beautiful as you are, so keep writing and make the World beautiful as you are your Brother Syed Hasan Ali :))

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