I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Sometimes you think to yourself, if only I could reach that place then all would be fixed, and the truth is that you actually can reach that place but it’s the second part that I don’t agree on, not that it’s impossible, but it’s that there is no way we would be satisfied with it, no matter how far we might get we are always greedy to go further.

I can’t get no satisfaction, neither in good nor in bad, neither in pleasure nor in sorrow, so what do I want? What do you want? Are we supposed to be chasing something? Something that might feed our satisfaction? Or are we just deluding ourselves?

But after a second thought, maybe there is a reason that I can’t get no satisfaction, for if I reached a certain place where I would be totally satisfied, what would feed my ambition then?

And here’s the point, there got to be something missing so we can chase it, convincing ourselves that all will be fixed the minute we get it, but once we got it, another missing piece steals our attention and pulls us after it, and that’s how it goes.

That’s how the human mind works, always anxious for tomorrow and longing for yesterday, but today never seems satisfying till it becomes unreachable, yes I can’t get no satisfaction, and I’ll always be trying to get some.

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