The Good Taste Of Life

John Lennon once said: “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans” and that is why old people look back to their lives with regrets knowing what they have missed, and the truth is that it’s always too late when we figure that out, we don’t feel our pleasure until we see what sorrow tastes like, we don’t cherish how healthy we are until we understand what it means to be sick, well, my friends it is true that we don’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone.

But wait a minute though, maybe for us it’s not that late yet, maybe we have missed few pieces but now we have the power to save what is left, we have seen few examples, we have seen people with regrets, people dying with nothing, trying hard to embrace what still remains of their lives but never could.

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Making plans for your life is just a waste of time, whatever is meant to be will be and you can never cheat your destiny, neither for better nor for worse, so accept this fact for it is inevitable.

We don’t know what hides behind the curtains where future is, but we shall go through it day after day, so watch our for the days and never miss a moment, because life is not how far you’ve walked or how well you’ve done, life resides in those tiny little moments that we take for granted, for they will shape the memories of our lives, so if you managed to build the best of memories then my guess you will know what life is when you look back at it with pleasure and enjoyment.

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