Growing Young

I can still remember the days where my toys used to be my best friends, where Cinderella story sounded real, and ghosts were my only fear, but the days had passed and I have grown up, and I learned that best friends are rare, I learned that Cinderella story is not the only fairytale and … More Growing Young

The Unhealed Wound

For how long this night would last when silence plays a song for a sad heart? And how much of darkness would it need? When night shall raise above all the rays of sunshine, would it hide our light of day? Would erase all the misfits and all the mistakes? I wish I can go … More The Unhealed Wound


Who am I? What am I doing here? Is this my life? Is this your life? What have I been missing? I look around and gaze into my world, I talk to myself, seeking

It’s Up To You

Sometimes I get so tired by the thought of life, I mean once you are born you are forced to go through it all, you have to grow up, work hard, get disappointed few times, lose your beloved ones, and in the end you have to die, there is no other way for it, if … More It’s Up To You

My Valentine

When boys feel thrilled to hold a red rose, and ladies in red do wait, when dances flow slowly where lovers step, and words come smoothly beneath the moonlight, will you be my Valentine? Would this day be enough for love? Would it be enough to celebrate the happiness