My Valentine

When boys feel thrilled to hold a red rose, and ladies in red do wait, when dances flow slowly where lovers step, and words come smoothly beneath the moonlight, will you be my Valentine?

Would this day be enough for love? Would it be enough to celebrate the happiness we’ve found in a second of love? But never mind though, if this day should be the day where it’s allowed to love, and enjoyable to be loved, then let us take the most of it, and let words express the feelings and passions that beautify a world with no meanings.

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Igor Stravinsky once said: “In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?” maybe with no love composers wouldn’t have come with such great music, poets wouldn’t have told their sonnets, maybe after all love is the tiny little secret that’s hidden behind each dream and each success.

And if Valentine is the day that shines on the beautiful force of love, then let the loving mood of Valentine finds you each day, let the smell of red roses perfume each breath you take, and never let the tender music of love stop rhyming you nights, I don’t celebrate on Valentine’s day and I don’t buy red roses, but if there is one thing that I like in this day, it would be how nicely it reminds us that we are loved.

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