It’s Up To You

Sometimes I get so tired by the thought of life, I mean once you are born you are forced to go through it all, you have to grow up, work hard, get disappointed few times, lose your beloved ones, and in the end you have to die, there is no other way for it, if you had been born then you are forced to live all your life no matter how harsh it might get, and I can’t help but to wonder, what if I couldn’t handle it?

But then I looked back to my past years, or at least the ones I can still remember, and looked back to the days I had always thought I wouldn’t handle, but I did, sometimes we don’t get out of it the same person we were, but some of us gets out as better persons not worse, and that is the real challenge.

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I think it’s actually challenging to live all you life, and it’s never easy, we can’t tell what’s ahead in the upcoming days, yet we have to go and see even if we are so scared to, the future could be very terrifying if we just keep thinking about it, the toughest day would be most complicated in our heads, but when it comes, somehow we manage to get over it, and maybe it’s a gift from God, maybe life won’t hit us until we are ready for it.

So the way I see it is that life will do its best to mess us up, are you going to let it do this for you? Will you simply give up or will you pass the challenge? Life is tough and painful, but it is also a chance to live, a chance to dream, a chance to love, life is beautiful when we understand that it’s our destiny, to understand that we are destined to be a part of this wonderful world, so live long and dream big, this is your only chance to be special.

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