Who am I?

What am I doing here?

Is this my life? Is this your life?

What have I been missing?

I look around and gaze into my world, I talk to myself, seeking for few answers, I have been drowning in my day to day life, as a drunken man drifts in wine, and today I am sober, my mind had been awakened to see the way things turned out to be, is this what I want? I didn’t think so, somehow I have pushed myself into this place, maybe not where I belong, but it’s where I was meant to be.

Maybe the choices we make each day do matter, maybe there is no coincidence, even the silliest choice could change a life, to better or to worse, each choice leads to a different road, our choices are half chances, and that is why it’s wrong to regret.

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Look around and gaze into you world, this is your life, you haven’t been looking at it while you were drowning in your daily issues, put away the glass and open your eyes, it was never easy to get here, try to understand that, and if it was too hard to understand, if it was too ugly to see, would you be still sober?

Yes, maybe we are supposed to drown into life, not to think too much about it, maybe the days are supposed to steal us every now and then to release our minds from a burden we are not able to carry, and maybe we should close our eyes sometimes in order to see, then you will feel the comfort, and when you see the joy of drowning, why would you still want to be sober?

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4 thoughts on “Sober

  1. I see some truth in your words. I see myself in your words. I feel your words as I read them. Thank you. ❤ Daidre

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