It’s Not Your Fault

When burdens are heavy on our shoulders and darkness is all we see, when the sun had set over our light of day, and dreams had to vanish within the pale sky, it’s just not over yet, gather up the ashes and look ahead, wipe away your tears, it’s not your fault.

“It’s not your fault” sometimes is all we need to hear, someone to remind us that we have done nothing wrong, and if life turned to be as cruel as it seems, then we must step over the pain and just walk away, to smile when all is collapsed knowing how tough you are to be still standing, to cry when all is done longing for the person you could have been, and to dream when all is broken believing that one day it might get fixed.

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It’s not your fault to be in pain, and it’s not your fault to get hurt, heal the broken heart and pray for the wounded spirit, push your feet to walk no matter how tired they may seem, and never forget to dream, sunshine will sneak out to you any second.

So wait for the light to pass through the darkened void, and embrace it, for life shall compensate you then, and the oblivion of days shall remedy your ache.



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2 thoughts on “It’s Not Your Fault

  1. Thank you so much. We are connected! You may as well have read my thoughts when you decided to post this on my wall at A Positive Journey! I needed to hear this so badly today! Namaste dear friend! ❤ Daidre

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