In Joy And Sorrow

We always see joy and sorrow as opposites even though they are inseparable, and each one of them leads to the other sometimes, the true meaning of joy and sorrow has been best described by Jubran Khalil Jubran in the “Prophet”, and so I’m going to share with you a little part of it, hope … More In Joy And Sorrow


There are pure souls in life who always know the right way into our hearts, they are guidance in times of confusion, wild laughs in times of joy and a sweet company in times of despair, they are angels of earth, precious but few, and always around in times of need, whether by few words … More Angels

Wish You Were There

What have just awaken my sleep in this cold ruthless night? What have just brought his name out of my lips? The sweet dream is getting cruel and the silent night had lost its comfort, and so I leave following the yearning breezes of night, pulled my feet to a place I’ve been in before, … More Wish You Were There

On The Other Side

I have read this short story once and I loved how it explained a lot with these simple words, and maybe thinking this way could help at times, enjoy it.  “A Mother was reading a magazine and her cute little daughter every now and then distracted her. To keep her busy, she tore one page … More On The Other Side

Time To Leave

There are times in life when holding on is much harder than letting go, when dreaming is much sadder than giving up, yes I have been there before and I have tasted the bitterness of hope, I have seen the dream goes further away till it completely faded, and it’s too damn tough to keep … More Time To Leave

Hurtful Cries

Written by Sami Al-Khalili The truth was seen That the so called friends weren’t so keen Seeing the fake and hiding the real All the mocking my friends made me feel Staring at my reflection Waiting for the rejection

Never Too Late

As days pass by so quickly before my eyes I can’t help but to wonder, is there a second chance to live? Or is this world our one chance of a life time? And I wonder how much of courage would it take to turn around, do you have enough strength to look back and … More Never Too Late