Never Too Late

As days pass by so quickly before my eyes I can’t help but to wonder, is there a second chance to live? Or is this world our one chance of a life time? And I wonder how much of courage would it take to turn around, do you have enough strength to look back and recognize what you have just passed by? Or would you be careless enough to close your eyes, unwilling to see? But my guess is that both will hurt, and somehow they could be moving enough to open your eyes to a different view.

This life that seems to be fleeting belongs to us, and as we let it pass through us, it will eventually lose its way towards our hearts, we would be throwing our spirits in the arms of sorrow, till it becomes familiar, then we find ourselves having a strange feeling, the feeling that seems unfamiliar to us, it’s when we are happy, and hours of happiness would pass as a second, hold this happiness tight to your heart and let it be embraced, remember that these times of life belongs to you, never leave it behind, it’s never too late, It’s never too late to turn around and seek a new direction, never too late to love and forgive, and as long as you’re breathing it’s not too late to live.


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2 thoughts on “Never Too Late

  1. I totally agree with it. Today when I look at my past experiences I realize the reasons I got changed.
    True that the PRESENT time is what we have. once we loose it, it will become a past! Every minute passed is a PAST! and its gone.

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