Everything’s Gonna Be Fine

They always say that everything will be ok in the end and even if we didn’t believe in it, sometimes it’s all we need to hear, to have a moment of faith and believe that a miracle is possible, that God won’t leave you alone, everything will be just alright, maybe not as you have imagined it would be, to be ok might be better than your expectations and sometimes worse, so just let go and everything is gonna be fine.

But yet you can’t stop thinking about it, why have things turned out this way, have you lost your way? And did time escape through your days? But it won’t be over yet, for there remains so much ahead, so carry along all that’s left to be a memory and step ahead, for good and for bad, for sweetness and for bitterness, for life and for death, fix the broken hearts and heal the wounds, stand up then walk away and don’t look back, everything is gonna be fine.



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