Hurtful Cries

Written by Sami Al-Khalili

The truth was seen 
That the so called friends weren’t so keen
Seeing the fake and hiding the real 
All the mocking my friends made me feel 
Staring at my reflection 
Waiting for the rejection 
That life had sent me 
A lesson unable to see 
Feeling emotionless and painful 
Realizing this world is becoming shameful 
Crying within myself until the tears flow to my heart 
Breaking things and attitude is falling apart 
Slowing dying within the minute of time 
Being me is approaching to be a crime 
The friends that laughed in times of laughter 
The times in we had fun after 
All we been through and all we shared 
I was the only person between that cared 
Our enemies became your friends 
Soon this insanity had ends 
But still hurting me and my things 
The knots on the twist strings 
Were knotted and so was my mind 
I was able to find something within me to hate 
The ones who hurt will suffer 
And the ones who are a bluffer 
Will see the ends of there tongues 
On top of there half evil lungs 
Sucking all up the good air 
Blowing back not a single hair 
I was lonely and cheerful 
Soon I become crazy and fearful 
Biting my knuckles real hard because I was afraid to cry 
Sooner or later this whole scene will die 
That isn’t true because I stay preserved 
For the ones who are truly deserved 
Humanity has seen many people cry or die 
But my soul and spirit are ready to defy 
As energy is reaching 
So is the devil preaching... 



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3 thoughts on “Hurtful Cries

  1. I thank you for sharing this to others, it’s quite remarkable and sweet of you. You are quite innovative and highly eccentric with your blogs. I look forward to read them and hopefully you look forward to hear from me. Keep smiling,

    Sami Al-khalili

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