Time To Leave

There are times in life when holding on is much harder than letting go, when dreaming is much sadder than giving up, yes I have been there before and I have tasted the bitterness of hope, I have seen the dream goes further away till it completely faded, and it’s too damn tough to keep hanging on the vanished dreams and memories, for there are times in life when all you can do is simply leave.

Time to leave some things behind, the things which is wasteful and useless to hold on to, for life might trick us down sometimes and we must go along, otherwise it won’t do any harm but only to us, so why do we stuck in this great pain that could pass if we had enough courage to let it go? Why do we waste some precious chances in the sake of a fantasy? Step over the wound no matter how deep it might ache and never look back, this is a time to leave and start again.

And life will never stop surprising you, it will show you the light again, brightens up your soul with a fresh hope directing you to a new dream, so will you walk ahead or will you go back?


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4 thoughts on “Time To Leave

  1. I think I’m not ready yet to walk ahead, but at least I’m not refusing the idea anymore. It can’t go on. It has to stop somewhere, I’m done.

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