Wish You Were There

What have just awaken my sleep in this cold ruthless night? What have just brought his name out of my lips? The sweet dream is getting cruel and the silent night had lost its comfort, and so I leave following the yearning breezes of night, pulled my feet to a place I’ve been in before, I knew a tree is behind the wall and I knew the smell of lilies and jasmine would perfume the air as I walk in, but so scared was I to move a step ahead, so scared was I to look inside and believe that you are no longer there.

Never thought the sweet moment would turn into a bitter memory one day, never imagined a time comes where I no longer can hear the echoes of our laughters, I laid my head on a stone hoping to steal a moment of what’s behind the wall, hoping to hear the words we used to whisper underneath the shadow of the tree, and smile for the promises that we couldn’t keep, behind the wall there are dreams I used to live, tiny little moments had been immortalized by our kisses in the dark, behind the wall there is you, so I turned around to look through and how I wished you were there.

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