There are pure souls in life who always know the right way into our hearts, they are guidance in times of confusion, wild laughs in times of joy and a sweet company in times of despair, they are angels of earth, precious but few, and always around in times of need, whether by few words or a small gesture they will uplift our hearts and cheer us up, and no one can make it the way they do.

And if we find one of them in our life, we must do our best to keep them in and never let them go, for the moment they are gone they will leave a huge gap behind, hours of loneliness and unshared moments, then we’ll realize how awful was that loss.

So as you hold on to these true angels and treasure their presence, you can’t help but to wonder if you are an angel to someone else, if your existence had changed a life somewhere, and inspired a soul, for then you will see the importance of your life, and you will feel obliged to stay because someone out there needs you, so enjoy the little moments of true friendship for they are the big and true meaning of life.
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