Let Me Be A Fool Today

So this is the first of April and everyone is trying to come up with a good lie, and some play it very well, but I wonder do we really need a day for lying? Aren’t we already living one? Or does it only seem nicer in this day? Well, give me a punch of lies and I will believe, just like I always did.

My lie for this year is that the world is fine, justice is served, the poor had found their place in earth, hostages had finally got back home, and peace had arised in our souls, we are fine, let me believe in that for a little awhile, lie to me so I would forget how cruel and unfair life is, let me be a fool this day and tell me it’s all okay.

And maybe one time there will be a day to forget, to be blessed and enjoy the loss of memory, let there be a day for oblivion, where all aches subside to leave a space for a glimpse of hope, April fools? Well, let me be a fool this day to believe these lies.

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5 thoughts on “Let Me Be A Fool Today

  1. I loved this post!!!
    I have wrote on the similar subject yesterday on my blog, and I said that i don’t lie, but maybe I do sometimes, when i pretend everything is fine when i’m completely destroyed in the heart.

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