Second chance to live

Why is it never easy to let go? And why it’s too damn hard to take the right road? Sometimes giving up sounds more comfortable, to sleep knowing that you got nothing to lose, and wake up the next morning without being afraid, is this freedom? For being enslaved by the dreams we own have become too heavy to carry on, and so we take a rest, taking the easy road and waiting to see a little happiness in it, and I wonder if we will.

It takes a lot of courage to believe, to believe in something you are not sure of, will the dream ever come true? And it takes a lot of strength to do it right, do you still have a conscious in this false world? Do you still believe?

Days had kept us enslaved by the mystery of tomorrow, cheated each day by the hope of the next one, and each day that passes on us standing on the same dreams and principles is not wasted, and the life that has been crossed in the tough road was a well spent life, because then we will gain the character that knows how to survive, and the hard work will pay you back, life will gently pat on your heart and give you a new chance to live, embrace it.


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4 thoughts on “Second chance to live

  1. Never give up on your dreams Samar!
    I’d rather die fighting for my dreams and living a life of hope and desires and purpose/aim than live a lifeless life of defeat and purposelessness!

  2. I need to believe in my dreams. It’s not an option, it’s a must for me. Reality is so hard that even dreams I know I can’t make true, are helpful.

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